Metamaterials & 2D/3D Nanostructures

Metamaterials are artificially-structured materials that have properties beyond materials found in nature. Here we engineer 2D and 3D nanostructures using sophisticated micro/nanofabrication tools and techniques to achieve extraordinary electromagnetic, mechanical, electronic and thermal properties.

Negative & zero refractive index metamaterials

Multi-quantum-well III-V emitter array

Randomly oriented paired nanobars

HSQ/WS2/Si3N4 microdisk lasers

Electron beam lithography & Helium ion beam

Optics & Nanophotonics

Optical technologies are everywhere around us, from solar cells to LEDs and lasers. The big question is how can we improve their performance and invent new optical devices? Ultra-small and lightweight micro/nanophotonic elements exploiting complex design strategy might be the answer. We seek to advance the photonics technology for lighting, communication, machining, imaging, spectroscopy, aerospace and defense applications.

Laser & anti-laser integrated on chip

Parity-time symmetric micro-ring laser

Ultrathin metasurface invisibility cloak

Light manipulation using distributed nanoantennas

Optical measurement setup

MEMS/NEMS & Energy harvesting

Global energy demand continues to surge.  By engineering new materials and structures, we strive to maximize the efficiency of energy conversion. Passive and active NEMS/MEMS can enhance a material’s interaction with its environment to improve solar, heat, sound, and vibration energy harvesting. In addition, such systems enable precise sensing and control of electrical, optical and thermal responses.

Thermal radiation control using metamaterials

Piezoelectricity with 2D MoS2 monolayer

MEMS sensors & actuators

MEMS vibration energy harvester

Electronics & vacuum chamber for vibration test

Smart structures & composites

Next-generation aerospace, robotics, 3D printing, autonomous vehicles, and IoT technologies call for lightweight, robust and high-performance smart materials and composite structures. We develop integrated sensors and actuators from micro/nanoscale to macroscale to perform multifunctional tasks. We also aim to apply them for structural health monitoring and realize wafercrafts with on-board electronic and photonic instruments.

Mechanical metamaterials & micro/nanomechanics

Structural health monitoring using piezo & fiber optic sensors

Smart composites with integrated sensors

Mechanical testing in cryogenic environment

Ultralight wafercraft (Breakthrough Starshot)